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Magic Eyes

Magic Eyes - Angel's Puruman

The dual-layer Angel's Puruman is lined full with bumps, grooves, and nodes separated into three structural sections. Tiny nubs lined the beginning as the tunnel tapers into a tighter tunnel to the middle. A cervix like stimulation zone in the middle stimulates before the nub lined vacuum chamber maximizes the suction at the end. Gently squeeze the air out as you entered to maximize suction of the sleeve.The inside is a double structure with a little more firmness than the outside material, and in the first half. Because of the fluffy body, the usage style is slightly different from that of the standard handheld Onahole. It's so soft and fluffy that makes it so comfortable even by just holding it.

Product Features 

  • Soft & Fluffy
  • Dual-layer 
  • Closed-end 
  • Body-Safe Material 


Material: TPR

Dimensions: 90 × 170 × 70 mm

Weight: 560g

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