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Classmate Suzukaze Miu Blow-Up Air Doll

The baby of the class, Miu is the only girl who hasn't lost her virginity yet, which is why she asked if she could come over to do homework together with you. Partner the Classmate Suzukaze Miu Blow-Up Air Doll with your favorite onahole and you can enjoy this schoolgirl's body with your fifth limb. Posed in cowgirl position, grasp this doll at the waist and bounce Miu up and down on your hard cock to show her just how good sex is. Onahole sold sepeartely. 

Product Features

  • Blow-up sex doll in cowgirl-position
  • With onahole slot
  • Transparent
  • Body tights, wig, facial expression mask, onahole not included


Bust: 62 cm (24.4")

Waist: 43 cm 

Hips: 80 cm 

Seated height: 70 cm 

Height: 120cm

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