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CyberSkin Twerking Butt (Classic)

Interactive passion is virtually here! Explore the heights of sensual pleasure the way you want it! With two versions available, TwerkingButt features multiple twerking patterns, customizable rhythms, massage speeds, sensual vibration, and simulated body heat. Control the TwerkingButt with the included remote or from your smart phone (Android or iOS) or tablet.

Imagine a sensual device so advanced in technology, it allows you to experience the ultimate in cyber passion, virtually blurring the lines between fantasy, porn and reality. With our groundbreaking CyberSkin+ technology, we dare you to act out your wildest dreams.

• CyberSkin TwerkingButt Classic features virtual reality goggles ready to use with your iOS or Android phone and app.
• Customize the multiple massage settings to enhance every aspect of action
• CyberSkin® TwerkingButt Classic warms to 98.6 degrees
• Load your music playlist, video, access preloaded content or customize your own twerking patterns.

What’s Included:

  • CyberSkin(R) Twerking Butt Classic with VR headset
  • Free CyberSkin Renew Powder (#1030058) & CyberSkin Water Based Lubricant (#1030059)
  • Power adaptor & cable
  • Power plug converter
  • Water jet for cleaning
  • Storage bag for TwerkingButt

Get to Twerk

  1. Place the Twerking Butt unit is in the display case with the cord extending from the back of the unit through the smaller hole in the back of the clear display “box.”
  2. Plug the DISPLAY POWER CORD directly into the wall (or extension cord).
  3. Connect the black, rectangular power source with the grounded cable plug (there is a triangular receptor on one end of the black, rectangular power source).
  4. Connect the opposite end of thinner cable protruding from the other end of the black, rectangular power source to the “mate” which is attached to the Twerking Butt unit and remote control.
  5. Connect the GROUNDED cable INTO the back of the base of the Twerking Butt base display. There are three sockets that are adaptable for many different plugs, including the US plug. The round, grounded prong of the cord goes on the top and the two flat prongs go below. This may take a little wiggling but the connection will fit and you can use any of the three sockets on the base.
  6. Flick the switch on to the left of the three sockets by pressing down on the bottom. The small green light on the top will light up indicating the base is lit up and working. Also, the Twerking Butt remote will have small red and blue lights on the top which means it is on and the Bluetooth wireless connection is activated.
  7. PLEASE NOTE: Do NOT let the Twerking Butt unit stay on for more than 45 minutes. While it is plugged into the lit up base, the warming core continues to heat up the device even if the unit is not moving. There is a possibility the unit can overheat if remaining on for longer than 45 minutes at a time. Simply TURN OFF THE BASE by pressing the switch down which will also turn off the Twerking Butt unit (the base light will go off). If you want to keep the lighted base on, simply plug the Twerking Butt into a different power source where you can unplug it to turn it off (but remember to plug it back in when demoing it).

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