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Magic Eyes

Magic Eyes - Japan Magic Eyes - Pure Bride Lolinco

The Pure Bride Lolinco Edition Onahole is one of the most exciting releases in recent years from MagicEyes. This is the perfect bride, your perfect girl, Pure Bride Lolinco is the sweetest being you ever need! She is cuter, younger and innocent with short brown hair.

Sujiman Kupa Lolinco and its successor, the Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo have been some of the best selling Virgin and Loli Onaholes ever and now with the Pure Bride Lolinco Edition you can now enjoy this all in a big and nearly life-size Torso.

Starting from the waist up, this is a truly stunning recreation of a young Lolita bride, super tight love with total weight to 5.5 kg. With her pure and slender body, her little tits plus her rock hard nipples will invite you to suck, hug and cuddle on them. Her Vagina is angel-like and makes you feel to be truly the first men.

Her Love Tunnel has been designed with a dual-layer material and with the utmost care for detail and realism. The experiences and stimulations you will have with the Pure Bride Lolinco Edition Onahole will be breathtaking, a realistic design for the most realistic lovemaking in any position that you can think of. Take your bride home and fly into your dreams!




Product Features

  • Big Torso version of the legendary Lolinco Onaholes
  • Full Virgin Sex experience Lolita Bride
  • Wonderful shaped and designed Loli Body
  • Ultra-realistic Dual Layer material
  • Soft , Smooth and Stretchy
  • Reusable and Durable
  • Comes with complimentary lubricant


Material: Made from Magic Eyes Premium "Magic Eyes Skin" Materials

Dimensions: 46cm B:50cm W:40cm H:64cm

Weight: 5500g / 5.5kg

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