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Kemono Akane Onahole

Unleash your inner animal with the Kemono Akane Onahole like the sexy catgirl on the box implies, this masturbator toy is part of a new series inspired by feline vixens. It features a unique design made with extra soft and elastic "mochi" material. In addition to the cute clitoris, the highlight is the irregular tunnel shape that curves tight at the end to create a powerful vacuum effect that sucks you dry.

Product Features

  • Catgirl Fetish
  • Mochi Soft
  • Super Stretchy
  • Concavo-Convex Structure
  • Stretch to Accommodate any size
  • Closed-End
  • Reusable
  • Waterproof


Material: TPE

Dimensions: 125 × 70 × 55mm

Weight: 205g

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