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Jap AV - Kokomi Heaven Sakura Kokomi

This gorgeous slut has been recreated with a super tight entrance. Squeeze yourself into her hole and relish the easy-to-grip feel that lets you really pound away into her love tunnel. Her hole itself features a ribbed first half, followed by a curve and a series of organic and geometrical swirls to really stroke you. And then it ends with a final curve to finish you off in that way Kokomi knows only too well.

今世紀驚きの痴女ホール『蓮実クレア+』がついに登場! 衝撃! スレンダー美巨乳痴女の極上テクニックを堪能してください。超巨大の螺旋構造! 外観はプリップリの『美』ライン! リアルを追求した二層構造!

Product Features

  • Molded from Kokomi Sakura
  • Soft an stretchy
  • Super Tight
  • Closed ended
  • Reusable


Material: TPR

Dimensions: 125 x 65 x 60mm

Weight: 230g

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