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Magic Eyes

Japan Magic Eyes - Kupaa Big Rina

TheSujiman Kupa Big Rina is a hefty realistic hole, as always offering the slender tight body of a young Japanese virgin. The major difference here is the enhanced size compared to the previous Rina onahole. Several inches wider and longer, the hole is also almost double the weight.

The hole itself is a beautifully rendered long passage, complete with hugging ribs throughout.The central G-spot tunnel will squeeze you as Rina enjoys having you pushing deep into her. The final nest at the bottom is a pile of ticklers to rub your head to climax, which you enter through an extra stimulating arch.

In addition, the dual-layer design features a soft outer material that simulates the softness of a young woman's skin while inner material is more stimulating giving you a great feeling. This combination of gorgeous appearance and great stimulation from the dual-layer design makes Sujimon Kupa Rina a great buy for Kupa Roa owners.

Product Features

  • Dual layers
  • Stimulating and tight
  • Soft and stretchy
  • Waterproof


Material: TPE

Size: 170 x 92 x 70 (mm)

Weight: 600g

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