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YOUCUPS Twins 4D - 01 Soft Large Grain Comfortable

There are two types of entrances at the front and rear, and a middle part divided into two parts. Ultra-thick masturbation cup with an inner sleeve weighing 300g, where you can enjoy 4 pleasures!

Blue: 01. Soft Large Grain" is accented by large protrusions that moisturize and absorb.A large, soft fold layer clings together.

Uses high-quality materials that are completely odorless and non-greasy. As it is a thick internal body, it can be removed and used as a hand hole. Hygienic and economical because it can be used repeatedly.

Product Features

  • Soft Large Grain Comfortable
  • Dual Entry
  • Reusable
  • Closed-End
  • Phthalate-free


Dimensions: 168 × 68 × 68 mm

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