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Womens Bullet & Egg Vibrator Sex Toys

It isn’t unusual for things to get a little too routine in the bedroom. Introducing quality bullets and eggs into the routine is one way couples can spice things up. Top-rated bullet vibrators from Godfather can help deliver a more satisfying experience to both partners.

What are the differences between bullets and eggs?

Bullets and eggs are classic vibrators for women, and they come in a range of designs, sizes, and colours. Modern toys have a remote control that lets you or your partner control the action. A remote control egg is usually bigger than a bullet, and, true to its name, it has more of a full egg shape. It is used for both internal and external stimulation for men and women.

Bullets are smaller, usually oval, are wireless, and they get their energy from batteries. A bullet toy is often used by women for clit or breast stimulation or any type of external stimulation. They are also a great way to tease or arouse your partner.

How do I use bullets and eggs?

One way that couples use a remote control bullet vibe is for the woman to let her partner have the control. They choose when and how much stimulation to give them at unexpected times. The best bullet for women to use alone depends on how much stimulation they want and whether portability is important. Choose from a range of sizes, styles, and levels of vibration to find your perfect match.

What are the benefits of a wireless bullet or egg?

A remote control love egg is designed to be discreet when needed. With so many features to choose from, there is a style that meets every need and expectation. A remote control bullet toy with adjustable settings gives you options to explore your preferences and those of your partner repeatedly. Once you’re finished, use a toy cleaner to sterilize your new toy, and it’s ready for the next experience.

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If you’re ready to spice things up in the bedroom, shop our range of eggs and bullets today. Our extensive collection of eggs and bullets almost guarantees you will find the best remote control love egg or bullet for your specifications. Register for an account to track your orders and keep a record of your order history. You can also check out our blog for news and information.

At Godfather, we believe in making sex a healthy, enjoyable, and safe experience. That’s why we carry the top brands and offer discreet delivery throughout Singapore. Read more about us to learn why we should be your first choice when you shop for sex toys online.

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