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Womens Dildos Singapore

Dildos are sex toys in the shape of a real penis. They typically don’t have a vibrator built in, but many of our dildos for women have a vibrating component. Some are used manually while others fit into a harness to create a “strap on” for realistic hands-free sex play.

Some dildos, also called dongs, are designed and coloured to look like a real penis. If realism matters, consider a realistic dong with balls. We even offer a squirting cock that “ejaculates” on command.  

Less realistic-looking dongs come in translucent colours and interesting designs. Check out our inflatable luv log from our fetish fantasy series for the ultimate ride. We also have double penetrators that provide double the fun. 

Trying to fill the vacancy while your partner is gone? Use a cloning kit to make a dildo that mimics your partner’s erection. There’s something for every individual or couple to use to enhance their sexual experience.

What are my options in female dildos?

You can buy female dildos online in a variety of lengths and widths. Some are angled to stimulate your sensitive G-spot and cause more intense orgasms, while others are straight. One of the biggest advantages of buying dildos online at Godfather is that you can take your time. Learn all of your options before you decide on which toy to try. 

How do I know which of the many dildos for sale is right for me?

Browse our range and read the descriptions of several different styles. Think about what you want to gain from adding a sex toy to your intimate experience. Some are soft, while others are rigid and made from glass, metal, or ceramic. Think about the differences in how these materials might feel.

Consider whether you want to use the dildo alone or with a partner. Our double dongs are perfect for lesbian play. You might consider a traditional style for your first purchase. If you're looking for a more intense experience, a vibrating dong will deliver it. 

Opt for something that allows you to go deeper than you ever have before. Nothing provides you with a more intense experience than using a female dildo that gives you new and unique sensations. There’s a lot to learn about your body that you’ve never felt before. Start slow and go at your own pace to reach a whole new realm you never knew existed.

If you’ve never tried an insertable toy before, you might be surprised at the level of arousal and ecstasy that they can bring about. Explore alone or with your partner and discover intense feelings that you’ll want to recreate again and again. Take your level of intimacy to new heights that you never imagined possible.

Why buy dildos online at Godfather?

Many women don’t feel comfortable about shopping for sex toys in stores. They aren’t as likely to take their time and learn about different products to find the right one. At Godfather, we offer you an extensive selection of top-quality dildos and a lot of information about their use. We also use discreet shipping so you never have to feel embarrassed about having your order delivered to your door.

Godfather believes that every person should enjoy satisfying, healthy, and safe sex. Part of what makes sex safe is using high-quality sex toys. That’s why we offer dildos for sale from the leading brands. We also give you more options for choosing products that are right for your specific needs.

Do you like keeping up with what’s going on in the world of sex? Read our blog for current news that is important to you. Learn what’s important to sexually active adults in Singapore. Shop our range of dildos for women and make your purchase today. Register with us to track your order so you know when to expect your delivery. A whole new world of sexual satisfaction awaits you!

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