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Butt Plug Sex Toys

A butt plug is a sex toy inserted into the rectum to offer sexual pleasure. Butt plugs can be used by both women and men. Once you are ready to take the plunge into butt play, you want to make sure you have the right anal sex toy. Whether you are a beginner or you want something for occasional backdoor play, we have various anal sex toys to offer you a great experience. At Godfather, we bring you a collection of butt sex toys including but plug toy to give you a satisfying anal sex experience. 

What butt sex toys do we offer?

Godfather wants you to have a sensational but sex experience and that’s why we off you only the best but sex toys. There are many varieties of butt plugs you can buy online in Singapore. You can get vibrating butt plugs to increase pleasure. We have remote control butt plugs that shake when your partner uses the remote to operate them. Explore our bum plug, pony plug, foxtail plug and other butt plug collections.  

Besides, we have inflatable butt plugs online that you can inflate to give them the shape and size you want. The butt toys are small and easy to insert. You can gradually pump them up as you become more accustomed to using them. The thin plugs are ideal for beginners who need to gradually ease their experience into anal play. We have tail plugs like cat tail plug, dog tail plug, and foxtail plugs to offer you varying anal sex experiences. The butt plugs with a tail are used by furry lovers and those wanting to have a soft and cure item they can hang off of their plug. Buy butt plugs in Singapore online at Godfather and discover a great way to have anal sex pleasure. 

Can you get intimate penetration with our butt toys?

Of course, yes! We have different butt toys designed for your specific needs. Whether you are just starting out or you are an experienced in anal sex, you will find something that suits you most. The reason you want to have butt toys is to give you a gratifying pleasure. Anal sex toys are particularly great for offering you intimate penetrations. You may choose from small and simple butt plugs made for the beginner anal sex pleasure-seekers or rotating and vibrating plugs designed for the advanced play. 

Our inflatable butt plugs allow you to pump up and pump down depending on the kind of experience you want. The vibrating plugs help enhance pleasure to offer you fulfilling sex pleasure. 

Explore our range of butt toys online in Singapore for that immense anal sex pleasure.

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