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Liquid V for Women 15ml

Liquid V for Women is a maximum strength topical gel that amplifies sexual pleasure for women immediately on contact. It is formulated to help increase clitoral sensitivity for women who want to enhance their personal experiences. It works by producing a warm tingling sensation to the clitoris, enhancing sexual sensations. Women of all ages have noticed added excitement and a drastic difference in their sex lives when using this product.

Liquid V for Women is great for women of all ages. Liquid V has been known to be effective in most cases to help stimulate and heighten the sensitivity in a women’s erogenous zone.

Directions: Apply a drop of this miracle formula to the top of the clitoris and in just minutes this product will take effect and help to increase blood flow and sensation to the area. If desired is not achieved, apply one more drop.

Product Features

  • Achieve the ultimate pleasure
  • Produces a tingling sensation
  • Helps increase pleasure
  • Perfect for women of all ages
  • Maximum Strength


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