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Magic Eyes

Japan Magic Eyes Dungeon Of Girl Labyrinth

Confine yourself within the snug, warm and pleasurable pussy of the Girls Dungeon Onahole by Magic Eyes. This medium-sized male masturbator is a scaled-down mini torso with plenty of size and weight to hold onto. The exterior material is made from "Magic Eyes Skin" material making it soft and realistic to touch. The box features artwork of the cute girl that the toy is based upon. The real attraction of this onahole, though, is her inner tunnel which is a complex labyrinth of curves and bends veiled in with multiple pleasurable textures throughout leading to her butt hole - a design that is made to entrap any member that enters while providing a highly enjoyable sensation and ending in powerful orgasms.

Product Features

  • Unique "Labyrinth" Inner Tunnel Structure
  • Dual-layer Structure
  • Soft & Stretchy
  • Reusable
  • Closed-End


Material: TPR

Dimensions: 180×115×120 (mm)

Weight: 1100g

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