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Real Figure Molding Series #04 Hallelujah 072

Fantasize about having your very own fuck robot with the Hallelujah 072 Sexaroid Onahole. Featuring a self-standing frame that lets you sit this torso upright without it sagging, the toy can be enjoyed in a wide range of positions. The surface is designed with a finely dotted texture to feel like real human skin, while the two fuckable tunnels are lined with countless folds and nubs to deliver maximum pleasure. 

Product Features 

  • Mini Torso 
  • Real figure molding series
  • Two Holes with each offers different experience
  • Self-standing frame
  • Suitable for use in a range of sex positions
  • Tight and uniquely textured tunnels
  • Closed-ended
  • Reusable


Dimensions: 310 x 220 x 10

Weight: 2.35kg

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