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Blewit Pleasure + Performance Male Masturbator

Designed to help you improve your sexual stamina and develop a better understanding of what your body is capable of. The twisted octagon shape creates a comfortable fit for left and right-handed users and hands of all sizes. The quick-flip suction control cap and removable rings allow you to control the intensity of the sensation. The super soft material is multi-textured for maximum pleasure for the best experience, use lubeit or your favorite water-based lube. The rubberized texture makes it easy to grip and perfect for use in the shower. Clean up is easy and convenient, just remove the top cap and rinse thoroughly with warm water. The ventilated drying dock allows for constant airflow and easy and discreet drying after use.

  • Easy-dry ventilation system
  • Fresh scent
  • Easy clean-up, rinse and renew
  • Non-slip finish
  • Adjustable tightness
  • Button activated suction control
  • Skin-soft
  • Designed forany hand

Product Features


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