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ChiChi Kuri Rotor ChiChi

120 cups of pleasant vibration with soft cups and fascinating tentacles, lock-on without losing sensitive nipples!

“Chichi” the Nipple rotor can be enjoyed by one or two people. Inside the small cup of “Chichi”, there is a soft silicon fine brush.A pinpoint nipple rotor to wake up, feel at nipples and reach your nipples.

The ultra-fine brush that vibrates hyper-finely stimulates like a feather.
A total of 120 types of pleasant vibrations with 12 levels of vibration power and 10 types of vibration patterns. The soft cup is a point fit on the nipple!

The rotor body is made of high-grade matte, and the vibration is even stronger. You can enjoy it directly on the sensitive parts.

The refreshing feel is perfect for tickling play. Turn the cup upside down, it becomes a short brush and you can just look around your whole body.

Product Features

  • Nipple Vibrator
  • 12 Vibration Level
  • 10 Vibration Patterns


Controller size: H85 × Φ28mm

Rotor size: H95 × Φ25mm

Power Source: 2 x AAA Batteries (included)

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