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Cos Tama 1 Chan-Myao

TheCos Tama 1 Chan Myao Onahole is a catgirl fetish masturbator with a beautiful back and sweet, modest breasts. Fans will spot that this is an unofficial spin-off from the anime series "Etotama". This super cute, super tight young lady has a snug love tunnel that runs right from her pussy to between her tiny bust. Slide inside her and pass through the ribs that will stroke your shaft on all sides, before gliding into the chicane in the middle designed to tickle your head. It ends with a final chamber that puts the last squeeze on your one-eyed snake until you explode inside this anime idol's virginal body.

Product Features

  • Mini Torso
  • Unofficially based on "Etotama" anime series
  • Soft & stretchy
  • Closed ended
  • Reusable


Material: TPR

Length: 13.5cm

Package Dimensions: W120 × H185 × D80mm

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