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Gokujo Naked Hip

A completely independent two-hole hall with legs that expands indefinitely. A cute pink color welcomes you in the vagina, and there is a little tightening inside. The hips are stimulated by a group of warts that are spread from the entrance. The 1.4kg weight hole has a female body design, and it is a material that feels comfortable to touch, so you can enjoy intercrural sex with your thighs. The internal structure is well built, and the irregular folds stimulate the twist in the holes where thick folds tighten tightly. In addition, because the uterine ostium is made, if you insert it in the back, the stimulation that sticks to Chupochupo is pleasant. In the anal hall, you can enjoy pleating stimulation with the texture of the texture.

Product Features

  • Double Entry
  • Closed End
  • Phthalate Free
  • Reusable
  • Made in Japan


Material: TPR

Dimensions: 215×180×120mm

Weight: 1400g

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