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Girl Style 6" Dong-Flesh

This is surely one of the most realistic dildos you could ever own and enjoy. When you are after true to life sexual enjoyment, this is the dildo for you. This amazingly detailed dildo offers you 6 inches of cream flesh coloured, flexible shaft to enjoy sexually. Use to penetrate vaginally or anally as you choose.

The shaft is amazingly flexible, bending with you to be the perfect complement to your sexual stimulation. As a bonus, this realistic dildo has testicles for extra true to life sensations, as well as a suction cup base that will stick to most smooth and tiled surfaces. This gives you the opportunity for some hands free sexual enjoyment whenever and wherever you wish!

Fully waterproof so you can take your penetrative enjoyment in the bath or shower. It is 100% phthalates free and body safe. Use with a water-based lubricant for extra comfort and pleasure. Remember to thoroughly clean your dildo after use with an anti-bacterial cleaner to retain optimum hygiene levels.

Product Features

  • Ultra-realistic penis style dildo
  • 6" length
  • Suction cup base for hands free options
  • Phthalates free


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