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Manbound Under The Bed Restraint Gear

Turn any bed into bondage playground.

A fantastically travel-ready bondage classic from the Master Series, the Bed Restraint kit is simple in form and function, setting up in mere seconds whenever playmates feel the yearn.

Transforming just about any bed into a wonderland of pleasurably bound-up potential, the adjustable kit fits easily over the top and bottom or sides of any sized mattresses, placing a center strap down the middle of the bed.

Four softly sturdy velcro cuffs for wrists and ankles are included, a swiveling clamp at the base of each clips quickly to one of four complementing metal O-rings, easily keeping the bound-up party in check.


Product Features


Fits any mattress size. 70% polyproylene, 18% nickel free metal, 7% polyester, 3% velcro, 2% ABS plastic. Spot clean.

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