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Pjur Spa ScenTouch Massage Lotion - Cherry Dream 6.8oz

Experience the soft touch of summer cherries: Light, sweet, desirable! Clear massage lotion without oil: The innovative formula with cosmetic glycol leaves the skin feeling great and does not block the pores. It allows the skin to keep breathing while providing added skincare. The sensual fragrance feels like a gentle breeze on the skin. This vegan lotion does not contain any fat. It can be easily wiped off without leaving a greasy film on the skin. Enriched with jojoba and natural vitamin E.

All pjur SPA ScenTouch products are not tested on animals and do not contain parabens, hormones or colorants. Whether you choose cherry, strawberry, vanilla, melon or our fragrance-free lotion - pjur SPA ScenTouch is the perfect choice for an exciting massage.

Product Features

  • Clear massage lotion with the subtle scent of summer cherries!
  • No oil, no marks, wipes off without leaving any residue
  • The scents are sensual, delicate and not too intense
  • Pjur SPA ScenTouch products are no lubricants and not for use with condoms.


Size: 6.8oz

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