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Scandal Eye Mask - Black

Slip on the Scandal Eye Mask and surrender your senses to your lover’s whim. This double-padded mask fits snugly around your face and ensures absolute comfort as you gasp, writhe, and moan under your lover’s touch. The double-stitched mask is tied with a sultry red and luxurious designer fabric. The absence of sight to guide you transports you to a place where your heightened senses and surrender of control will send shivers across your skin. Let go of your sight and feel your sense of touch, scent, and hearing heighten. Spice up your ordinary play and delight in the breathtaking sensation of lips against yours, a slick body gliding against your own, and the familiar scent of desire. Slip this beautiful mask over your eyes and delight in your skin’s sensitivity to a whole range of sensations. The tingles, the shivers, and the breathtaking warmth of a lover’s breath…all are magnified to leave your body buzzing and throbbing with pleasure behind this sensuous lace-trimmed mask. Surrender your sight and explore a whole new world of electrifying sensation.

Product Features

  • ENHANCE ECSTASY: Indulge in sensuous fantasy play with the luxurious Scandal pleasure mask. There is no chance of peeking while your partner leads you toward sensationally enhanced pleasure in this double-layer mask with silky designer ties and lace edge
  • SILKY SENUOUS PLAY: Get lost in sensational submission and leave yourself at the mercy of your lover’s erotic whims with this masks’ double-layer design for a superior blackout experience with two decadent brocade ties for a secure fit
  • VERSATILE USE: When you’re not exploring your kinky side, use this versatile mask set to catch up on some much needed sleep. Slip into your purse or suitcase for your next trip, so you can tease, tantalize and sleep soundly after
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: Made from two layers of silk polyester to create the ultimate blackout sensation. To make sure you don’t peek, each mask is equipped with two silky ties and an overall length of 50” (127 cm)
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Enjoy easy maintenance by machine wash regularly or hand wash in warm water and hang dry. Store in a cool, dry location


Material: Polyester

Dimensions: 50" / 127cm (Mask Circumference)

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