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Support Plus Head Exciter - Clear

Indulge in the world’s first support system that gives you the erection and sensitivity you crave. You’ll feel irresistible as the Support Plus Head Exciter adds a sense of extra length and girth while the pressure on your rod makes for an ultra-hard erection. Your partner will love your extra confidence and sensitivity! The couple’s enhancer is specially designed to add exceptional flexibility and comfort to your play. It features dual semicircle stainless steel supports for extra stamina. Revel in the rush of teasing and pleasing well past your usual threshold…and enjoy the explosive release that results from extended play and anticipation. The enhancer features 3.5 inches of length and 1.5 inches of girth to drive you both wild. It’s more than just an enhancement ring—it features 3 strategically placed stainless steel pleasure beads that add extra stimulation for both him and her. He’ll love the textured sensation rubbing against his shaft, adding incredible sensitivity to his rock-hard erection. She’ll love the feeling of beads rubbing sensually against those sensitive inner walls, sending shivers down her spine with targeted pleasure. Indulge in incredible stamina and unbeatable sensitivity with a firm but comfortable ring that allows blood to flow into your cock, but not back out. The extra blood flow means an ultra-sensitive rod and breathtaking sensation for both you and your lover. Slip on this couple’s enhancer and supercharge your lovemaking experience.

Product Features

  • Support Plus…the world’s first patented support system with added flexibility and comfort. Dual semicircle stainless steel supports for extra stamina!
  • 3 strategically placed stainless steel pleasure beads for extra stimulation for her and him
  • TPR (enhancer) Stainless Steel (rings and beads)
  • 3.5”x 1.5”/9 cm x 4 cm


Material: TPR

Measurements: 3.5" x 1.5" / 9cm x 4cm (Ring)

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