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Swiss Navy

Swiss Navy Masturbation Cream 5oz

Swiss Navy Premium Masturbation Cream is a silky smooth cream lubricant created specifically for masturbation. Does not leave a greasy feel even though it is oil and silicone based. The thick cream melts with each stroke, providing the proper amount of friction. The skin is left with a smooth, velvety finish. 

Richer, longer-lasting slickness with a smooth, natural feel, it stays where you put it!

Non-sticky, heat-released glide designed to optimize masturbation or for couples who do not use condoms 

Note: This product is not compatible with Condom. 

Product Features

  • Formulated for Intense Masturbation
  • Silky and Smooth Thick Creamy Masturbation Cream
  • Oil and silicone based
  • Safe to use with toys that are compatible with silicone and is ingestible


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