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Tsukasa Aoi Acme Hole

The inner construction of Acme Hole Tsukasa Aoi is a dual-layer design. Dual-layer design is where the outside of the masturbator is made from a soft material while the inside is lined with a harder more stimulating material. This made it possible to have a nice and soft tactile feel when holding the masturbator while the inside is more stimulating due to the second material.

The tunnel and texture of Acme Hole Tsukasa Aoi can be separated into 5 different zone patterns. The first section after insertion has vein like textures on the top and circular pattern on the bottom for simulation right from the start. The second section is the G spot with perpendicular ribbing textures throughout. Past the middle into the third section where the textures become large nubs changing the pleasure to a pointed stimulation. Continue through into the fourth section where the flesh looking micro ribs, grooves, and nodes greet you. Push into the last section for the cervix entrance designed to hug snugly around your penis head.

The entrance of Acme Hole Tsukasa Aoi onahole sleeve is a faithful reproduction of Tsukasa Aoi's vaginal entrance. The side of the sleeve also has Tsukasa Aoi's signature for added fan service.

Product Features


Material: TPR

Dimensions: 160mm x  97mm

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