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VerSpanken Smooth - Solid Blue

Verspanken the oral sex simulator a new kind of home entertainment system!

With the VërSpanken maturbatation sleeve, you get to choose the amount of pressure you like, the texture that you like best and even the temperature that feels good.With the open-ended housing and snap closure, you control the pressure.

The VerSpanken H2O are filled with liquid for a realistic feeling. This proprietary design allows for a tight, firm fit, a substantial weighted feel and the ability to enjoy exciting temperature play experiences. Inserts can be easily heated in the microwave or chilled in the refrigerator. Since VërSpanken is an open-ended toy, cleanup is a breeze! It’s also great for couple play!

What does it feels like?

You know that feeling... the first moment you enter someone... that incredible, outrageous, intense of sliding in, engulfed by full warm, soft lips that take you deep and finish you the way you want, when YOU want.

  • Feel the Squeeze! Unique Adjustable Pressure Feature
  • Foam Wieners smooth inserts
  • Easy to Clean - No Special Care Needed
  • Snaps Closed: Keeps a Grip so Toy dont Have to!
  • Great for couples too!
  • Available in smooth, bumpy and wavy

Product Features

  • Unique adjustable pressure
  • Snaps closed and keeps a grip
  • Easy to clean


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