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Wild One

Wild One - Real Body 3D Bone System - Enchanted Anna Kiljan

The Real Body 3D Bone System Enchanted Anja Kiljan will give you all you desire. This character's perfect, life-size body is modeled around a 3D-CAD-made skeleton, resulting in a truly realistic feeling when you hold her. Enjoy groping her huge, soft breasts before (or at the same time as) you dive deep into either of her two snug love holes (vaginal or anal). The internal dual-layered structure ensures a natural feel and weight, while the skin has a beautiful tone and texture.

Use with your favourite water-based lubricant.

Product Features

  • Bakunyu Big Japanese Breasts Fetish
  • 3D Bone System on the inside for additional realism
  • Large Torso Onahole 
  • Pussy & Ass
  • Big Perky Tits
  • Dual Layer Structure  
  • Uniquely Textured Internally
  • Ultra Soft and Stretchy
  • Closed End
  • Reusable
  • Phthalate-free 


    Material: TPE

    Dimensions: 430 x 230mm

    Weight: 6.5kg

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