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OL Lust Escalation Onahole

She's sat at her desk, typing out emails and PowerPoint presentations, but secretly dreaming of her male colleagues ripping open her tight shirts, bending her off, and showing her what a salesman can do. The OL Lust Escalation Onahole luxuriates in this fantasy of an office lady's pent-up sexual frustration that is waiting to burst out. Inside her intimate love tunnel, you immediately notice the sucking and clasping sensation of the vagina, and the fiendishly tight grip of the "squeeze spot." Like the obscure chicanery of office politics, navigate the intricate reefs of her pussy with its variegated swirls and nubs going in multiple directions.

Product Features 

  • OL Fetish Series 
  • Mochipuri Skin
  • Close-Ended
  • Reusable


Dimensions: 140mm x 65mm x 62mm

Weight: 204g

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