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Proportion Glamour Body

The Proportion Glamor Body is a mini Torso Onahole made by Aizam Japan. Featuring plump tits, thighs, ass and camel toe to squeeze and grope, she is simply pure fun to play with. But of course, the central attraction of this large-size pocket pussy is her penetrable hole. Consisting of a 3D inner tunnel with outer walls made up of bumps, nubs and ridges, this male masturbator will provide serious pleasure to your penis. Open up her hole and you'll see an invitingly realistic-looking set of colours and textures that add to the overall experience. Weighing a sturdy 1400 Grams, and made from Aiazam's industry-leading sex toy materials, the Proportion Glamor Body Onahole is a deeply enticing sex toy. Use her body for your pleasure and make your future masturbation sessions special.

Product Features 

  • Mini Torso
  • Sturdy Design with Realistic and Pleasurable Hole 
  • Dual-Layer
  • Stretchy and Flexible
  • Close-Ended 
  • Reusable 


Dimensions: 220 x 170 x 100

Weight: 1.4kg

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