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Scandal Pony Play Kit

Scandal Pony Play Kit is the ideal kit for any couple looking to indulge in hidden desires and adventurous desires. Surrender to your lovers every whim as they lead you towards a wonderland of pleasure as they tie the comfortable gag around you and pull tight on the reins. The luxurious bite bar delivers primal power play to your bedroom and with every stifled moan, you and your partner will intensify arousal and elevate pleasure. The perfect accessory for your pony play fantasy though is the lustful life-like ponytail probe, a flexible tapered probe that delivers thrilling backdoor stimulation with every swing of your tail. Bring even your most erotic dreams to life and dive deep into your most adventurous pony play desires with this mind-blowing play set.

Product Features 

  • RIDE INTO PLEASURE: Indulge in erotic fantasy play with the luxurious Scandal Pony Play Kit; Get lost in primal moans & sensationally enhanced pleasure with the pliable bar gag with silky designer reins and premium Silicone probe with life-like pony tail
  • FLEXIBLE BAR GAG: Get lost in sensational submission and leave yourself at the mercy of your lover’s erotic whims with this gag’s pliable PVC bite guard; The flexible bar flexes with every tug of the sexy reins for the ultimate in comfort and pleasure
  • TAPERED PROBE: Our tapered anal pleasure probe has a long and life-like ponytail to let you fully immerse yourself into the exhilarating world of pony play; The flexible silicone probe provides orgasmic anal stimulation with every swing of the tail
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: Our erotic gag is made with a food grade, phthalate free PVC with PP straps and measures 53” (134,5 cm) overall with 31” (78,75 cm) reins; The sexy Silicone probe measures 2,75” (7 cm)with a 21” (53,25 cm) nylon tail
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Before and after each use, wash probe with warm water and mild soap, then spray with CalExotics Universal Toy Cleaner; Enjoy easy maintenance with the ravishing reins by hand washing regularly and hand to dry


Material: PVC Plastic, Nylon, Polyester

Measurements: 53" / 134.5cm (Gag)
                           2.75" / 7cm (Probe)
                           31" / 78.75cm (Reins)
                           21" / 53.25cm (Tail)

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