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Doubles - Motherly Mother and Rugby Girl Onahole

This dual tunnel onahole is pleasantly compact, shaped to be held in one hand. Weighing in at only 225 grams, your arm won’t get tired quickly! The material is fairly firm, which means the thin walls don’t feel flimsy. The entrance on each side: one larger pussy, with more pronounced labia, and a smaller pussy; the first leads into a wider tunnel that’s lined with strong, stimulating ribs. The tunnel itself isn’t particularly tight, but thanks to the ridges it feels amazing! Slide in slowly and feel them glide over you one by one, or take it faster and let it all blend together into one blissful sensation.

The girl’s pussy wraps around you more tightly, pulling you into a tunnel that’s lined with many rows of small nubs. Both tunnels run all the way through the onahole, exciting on the other side. Emerging feels great, and you can add a little manual action to it if that’s your thing. Switching between the two tunnels to keep yourself on the edge feels great as well!

Product Features

  • Mother and Daughter Sex fantasy male sex toy
  • Two different holes with each offers different experience
  • Flexible and Stretchy
  • Stretch to Accommodate any size
  • Closed-End
  • Reusable
  • Waterproof


Material: TPE

Dimensions: 135 × 68 x 68mm

Weight: 225g

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