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Eye of Love

Eye Of Love Pheromone Parfum Spray Male - Confidence 10ml

Pairing powerful pheromones with captivating fragrances, the mission of Eye of Love is to give you a unique touch in all your encounters. Whether you're working, playing, or being intimate, we can all use an added bonus. Eye of Love pheromones are high potency with pheromone and fragrance to last all day. 


Eye of Love Confidence Pheromone Parfum is designed to give you an additional edge in your personal, professional and love life. A musky blend of honey, jasmine, and vanilla infused with a hint of citrus that contains the highest quality pheromones to appeal to women. 

Specially formulated for the day to help boost your confidence for a long time at night. 

What can you expect from using pheromones? 

1. People who work in areas like customer service, Real estate and cosmetologists may notice higher advice, better quality interactions, and higher sales. 

2. Couples can find themselves reconnecting in a whole new way. You may feel like you are back in the honeymoon phase, listening more, talking more, and feeling closer.

3. Sensual moments like enjoying massages, hugging and enjoying passionate kisses can be increased. 

4. Casual first impressions or meetings can be positive, for example: relaxed interactions, general feeling of comfort, and a tendency to feel more engaged or connected. 

What is the difference between Eau de Toilette or Eau de Parfum? 

The difference lies in the volume of perfume oil in a formula. Eau de Toilette contains between 5-9%, while Eau de Parfum contains more, generally around 8-4%. Therefore, Eau de Parfums lasts longer and has a stronger smell.

Product Features

  • The highly concentrated perfume for men with Androstenone pheromone. A blend of human pheromones formulated for men that has been shown to appeal to women and appeal to their sexual recipients. Confidence pheromone fragrance formula works to attract women quickly due to the esters in the composition.
  • Great smell. Pheromone cologne with an irresistible scent with a musky mixture of honey, jasmine and vanilla impregnated with a touch of citrus. Specially formulated for day-to-day use to help boost your confidence for a long time at night. It will help attract women as well as smell like a bold and sexy man.
  • Effective. Impressive and effective aroma that is vigorous and safe. Not just a men's cologne, but the new reconstituted pheromone generation formula She will definitely notice you with our pheromone cologne specifically designed to appeal to her desires.
  • Long duration. High concentration of pheromones and fragrance oil to last all day.
  • Take advantage of the masculine vibe women love with the benefits for men who use Eye Of Love's confidence. TPure Androstenol to attract women, without pheromone mixture. Confidence's luxurious fragrance will perfectly highlight elegance, refinement, seduction - the qualities of a modern man.


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