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Scandal Candles-Vanilla Sugar Wish 4oz

Pheromone Candle Wish (Vanilla Sugar) Massage candle not only sets the stage for a decadent massage, they deliver it! This unique massage oil candles contain pheromones for sensual arousal. The melting wax, made of gentle skin safe soy, transforms into a warm, deliciously scented massage oil. Each candle has it's own theme and fragrance. Blow out the flame, drizzle the warm oil on your lover's body, and unwind with a massage as good for the body as it is for the soul.

Made with natural soy oil and other skin conditioning oils

Infused with pheromones…nature’s sexual attractant

Product Features

  • Soybean Oil combats wrinkles & uneven skin tone antioxidant/protein moisturizing/healing properties/burns at lower temperature than wax candles
  • Coconut Oil moisturizing/skin softening
  • Hemp Seed Oil moisturizing/hydrating/reduces appearance of wrinkles/rich in antioxidants, vitamin e & carotene/neutralizes effects of dehydration/protects against dry skin/anti-inflammatory
  • Apricot Kernel Oil moisturizing/hydrating/conditioning/softens/nourishes/emollient
  • Jojoba Seed Oil skin lubricating/moisturizing
  • Avocado Oil soothing/softening/rich in omega-3 oils/contains vitamins a,d & e/relieves dry, itchy skin/increases production of collagen/ultra-moisturizing
  • Vitamin E conditions/nourishes/improves skin surface/smoothes/moisturizes/assists in scar & acne treatment/promotes healing/protects skin from itchiness & free radical damage
  • Made from natural soy and adorned with hemp wicks for a body & environmentally-friendly massage candle
  • Fun fragrances are pleasing to the senses
  • Provides soft, ambient light
  • As candle burns, it liquefies into a warm moisturizing oil…to enhance any sensual touch
  • Soy candles burn cooler and cleaner than wax
  • Will not burn skin as soy oil melts to only two degrees above normal body temperature
  • Leaves no candle wax or residue
  • Clean up using hot water & soap
  • Designed for all skin types including sensitive skin


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