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Kimochi Sexy Stewardess Julia Onahole

Join the Mile High Club and let Sexy Julia satisfy your fantasies in the flight cabin. Bring Julia's realistic juicy pussy around the world and spank her tight ass whenever you desire. The harder you spank, the louder she moan.   


Super Base Earpiece

Quick Drying Stick

Onahole Warmer

PJ Lotion 140ml 

Lube Shooter

Pureskin Toy Care Talcum Powder

Hygienic Storage bag

USB Cable

Use with your favourite water-based lubricant.

Product Features

  • Cabin Crew Theme Onahole
  • Double Pleasure Entry - Vagina and Anus
  • Realistic Natural Feeling and Firm 
  • 3D Dual Layer Struure  
  • Uniquely Textured Internally
  • Ultra Soft and Stretchy
  • Smart Motion Sensor -  Moans and Vibrates
  • Choice of four different languages  
  • Open end for easy cleaning
  • Durable and Reusable
  • Body-Safe and Non Toxic
  • Phthalate-free 
  • Made in Japan


    Material: PURESKIN *New Technology  

    Dimensions: 250 x 220 x 170mm

    Weight: 5.7kg

    Power Source: USB Rechargeable (Cable included)

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