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Maga Kore 7zu7 Watashi no Oshiri ni Sain o Kudasai Sign My Butt

This unique toy is inspired by a young girl in the petan sitting position (aka: w-sitting/duck sitting) that some young girls do in Asian countries. Weighing a hefty 3.8kgs, this large onahole has both a penetrable vagina and anal hole to choose from. The details on this premium large-size hip male masturbator sex toy are superb and make it a real pleasure to look at as well as use. Her inner vagina tunnel is made up of a separate material and consists of various nubs and bumps that snugly grip and massage your cock.  Her anal passage offers a firmer, tighter sensation with a snug passage made up of spiralling protrusions. Her leg-spread-eagle position allows her to be taken easily from on top or in the doggy style position, meaning there are many variations and countless hours of fun to be had with her. 

Product Features 

  • Based on hentai doujinshi Maga Kore 7zu7 Watashi no Oshiri ni Sain o Kudasai
  • W-Sitting Inspired Onahole / Petan Position
  • Dual-Layer Structure
  • Stretchy material accommodates any size
  • Closed-End 
  • Body-Safe Material 
  • Reusable 


Material: TPE

Dimensions: H170 × W350 × D250

Weight: 3.8kg

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