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Mega Stroke 3 Yokubari Quintet Onahole

The Mega Stroke 3 Yokubari Quintet is a onahole with a five-in-one tunnel that pleasure you from top to bottom. Pushing in, your glans conquer a symphony of five pleasure zones while building more and more pressure the deeper you thrust. It begins with a prelude big nubs, then an overture across thin ribs to thick folds, followed by the main movement of bumps and finishing you off with a tight uterus zone climax that squeezes the last drop of pleasure out of you. Rotate the toy and thrust in and out to experience perfect harmonies. The special design features an outside with a smooth surface that cuts down on stickiness, while the inside has a texture that entangles and grips you tight.

Product Features

  • Five-in-one tunnel
  • Unique Internal Textures
  • Flexible and Stretchy
  • Stretch to Accommodate any size
  • Closed-End
  • Reusable
  • Waterproof


Material: TPE

Dimensions: 160×70mm

Weight: 390g

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