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Rika Hoshimi Wife Onahole

This is a beautiful piece of heaven! Based on the popular Japanese JAV model Rika Hoshimi , this is the full experience of fucking her stunning body. This torso is life-like in size and weighs a staggering 8kg. You won't find anything that feels like this real in a standard onahole offers both her vagina and butt, there's plenty to love here. The tanned material is soft and beautiful to grasp as it pounds against your crotch.

The hefty hole has a realistic weight and can be laid down flat or held in a number of different positions. Of course, you will want to slide yourself inside her as soon as possible, and we don't blame you. Rika has two holes, just like in real life, and you should make full use of both.

Enjoy her nice Breasts while you make Love to her. Rika Hoshimi Wife Onahole is an unbelievably impressive torso onahole – you can relive your wedding night with Hoshimi Rika every single day!

Product Features 

  • Life-like Torso Sex Doll modeled after JAV actress Rika Hoshimi
  • Dual Entry - Super Stretchy Pussy and Tight Anus 
  • Firm Beautiful Tits and Tanned Skin


Package Dimensions:  W325×H235×D490mm

Weight: 8kg

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