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Ride Japan

Ride Japan - Line Live Onahole

This anime idol wants you to visit her in her room for a private show. The Line Live Onahole by Ride Japan has been expertly crafted for those who have aspirations of having sex with a hot Japanese pop idol. Her pussy is tight and ready for you, and it's filled with a plethora of musical-inspired protrusions and chambers throughout that massage and grip your member with each pleasurable stroke. Not only is this pocket pussy remarkably stimulating, but its size design and premium materials ensure that is safe, durable and super convenient to use. This idol certainly knows how to give a great performance each and very time.

Product Features

  • Durable Single-Layer Structure
  • Unique Musically-Inspired Inner Tunnel Design
  • Reusable 


Dimensions: 160mm x 75mm

Tunnel Length: 130mm

Weight: 360g

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