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Pote Hida SWEET

This teen is constantly wet and horny, and she takes every opportunity she can to wear sexy bondage gear while playing with her nipples and rubbing her clit. The Pote Hida Sweet Onahole is a meaty pocket pussy with a tight inner tunnel veiled in various nubs, folds and textures throughout. Use some of the premium 250ml-bottle of included lube, push inside her snug hole, and let the stimulation wash over you until you reach a satisfying creamy finish inside of this naughty minx. This stimulating male masturbator also comes in a beautiful box with illustrations of the sexy cock-craving teen herself to get your blood pumping.

Product Features 

  • Horny Teen Theme
  • Durable Single-Layer Structure
  • Close-Ended
  • Reusable


Dimensions 75 × 170mm

Weight: 390g
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