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JAP AV - Ji Bing! Invitation Waist

The Chinko Binbin Sasoigoshi Temptation Waist Onahole is a hefty hip sized dual entry male masturbator. Meticulously recreated vulva with delicate, fleshy pink lips and a tight, puckered anus.

Her love tunnels are meticulously created with several stimulation points. Her vaginal tunnel starts with vertical folds, leading to a section with nubs and suckers, that goes on to a twisting, tightening curve. Past the curve is a section with large protrusions and a deep suction chamber at the end. The shorter, anal passage features a tight rectal opening, a curved colon and descending colon entrance. 

This 3 kg onahole gives you plenty of soft, pliable "flesh" to grab onto as you explore its interior. Lay her own on a flat surface and enjoy her in missionary or doggy position or however you like it. 

Use with your favourite water-based lubricant.

Product Features

  • Realistic Dual Entry Onahole
  • Dual Layer
  • Ultra Soft and Stretchy
  • Closed Ended
  • Reusable
  • Phthalate-free 


    Material: TPE

    Dimensions: 200 × 230 × 160mm

    Weight: 3kg

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