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NPG - 3rd Gen Extreme Waist Mizuno

Here comes the 3rd generation of the popular extreme pleasure hip. The slutty hip of Asahi Mizuno, the real-life weight ratio of 6 kg, is extremely meaty! The internal structure of both the vagina and anal uses a thick material that is different from the outer for the mucous membrane part and reproduces with a netty texture.

The hole is slightly different from the previous generation, and it is a very ecological and glossy structure with various nubs and slightly narrow hole. The vaginal side is a combination of warts and folds with a combination of G-Spot projections and spiral flesh. Produced from life-like material with close attention to details that feels even better than the real thing. Another masterpiece has created! 

Product Features

  • Realistic Dual Entry Onahole
  • Tight 3D Tunnel Structure
  • Double Layer Structure
  • Soft and Bouncy
  • Stretch to Accommodate  
  • Closed Ended
  • Reusable


    Material: TPE

    Dimensions: 270 × 270 × 170mm

    Weight: 6kg

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