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The Real the Sumata Onahole 2

The Real the Sumata Onahole 2 Hairy Pussy gives you everything you could want from an authentic masturbator experience. You get two beautiful thighs to hold onto while you enjoy either of her twin holes (pussy and butt hole), plus there is even a tuft of bush hair just about her you-know-what to nuzzle you as you stroke, lick, and probe her nether regions. As in real life, her ass hole is shorter and straight, but a true corkscrew of a passage. The pussy is wider and easier, yet still offering a tight, Asian grip on your cock. An onahole of this size and quality is as much a work of art as a sex toy. It is perfect for enjoying in a range of sex positions, from missionary to doggy and cowgirl. Hefty and durable, take good care of this lady and she will take good care of you!

Product Features

  • Pussy and Ass with Realistic Pubic Hair
  • Dual Entries
  • Soft and Flexible
  • Stretch to accommodate all sizes 
  • Closed-end design
  • Body-Safe Material 


Material: TPE

Dimensions: 220mm×260mm×170mm

Weight: 4.7kg

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