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Bari Kata Puni Stick

Get ready to have your member spoiled by a horny loli girl who lets you see right through her intentions! The third in a popular masturbator toy series by Ride Japan, the Barikata Puni Stick Hard Onahole is a clear anime onahole that stimulates you with its intense shape and texture. Your penis is sandwiched between two "barikata" (very hard) sticks with a countless number of little nubs, so every nerve ending of your member is pleasured to heaven and back. Enjoy watching the action through the clear material!

Product Features 

  • Anime Onahole
  • Hard Type
  • Stimulating Textured Tunnel
  • Dual-layer 
  • Closed-end 
  • Body-Safe Material 


Material: TPR

Dimensions: 153 × 68 mm

Weight: 300g

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