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Magic Eyes

Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo Premium Soft

The Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo Premium Soft is the soft version of the legendary Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo Onahole. This premium onahole has the same shape and size as the original Lolinco Virgo but features a softer material that is super fluffy and wobbly - and capable of providing a nice melty feeling as you slide inside which results in awesome virginity-taking stimulation. Together with the plump pussy lips, intricately designed, virgin-themed, tight inner tunnel, and the superb build quality that Magic Eyes are famous for - you're pretty much guaranteed to be satisfied with this onahole, and regularly pleasured. This sexy Virgin Bride is waiting eagerly for you to deflower her.

Product Features

  • High-Quality Virgin-Bride Theme Onahole 
  • Triple Layer Structure
  • Plump Camel Toe Entrance
  • New Soft Version of the Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo Onahole
  • Close-Ended


Material: TPE with Ag+ antibacterial compound

Dimensions: 110 × 90 × 200mm

Weight: 900g

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