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Love Factor

Fuwa fuwa Stream Naive Girl Onahole

Adopted with a hybrid internal structure with different structures on the right and left! The material is so soft and fluffy like a Japanese rice cake. 

The interior features a hybrid structure with separate structures on the left and right sides. In the left zone, a small horizontal groove is engraved on a large horizontal line, and two spot spots are set on the way. The right zone is a geometric arrangement such as secret spot, lateral groove zone, longitudinal Hida zone. 

Penetrating the love tunnel is a delight, rolling over rows of twirling protrusions that tickle and stroke you until you explode inside her. The onahole also boasts remarkably realistic labia.

Product Features

  • Soft and fluffy Onahole
  • Hybrid Structure 
  • Closed-Ended 
  • Reusable


Dimensions: 190 × 90 × 90 mm
Weight: 730 g
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