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Tokyo Wins

Fuwatoro Meiki Kupaa Shiho Onahole

Latest from the Popular "Futtoro" series! 

The appearance is a skinny skin color, the inside is a two-layer structure with an etched pink! Internal structure incorporates the latest trend It is a real, non-dimensional structure reproducing the inside of the girls! 

Pokopoko's spiral Hida & Jorijory's meat wart is a pleasant pleasure stimulation compatible with a soft material "Pure soft"! 

"New material" Pure soft "is soft type new material that focused on" gentle pleasure "of Onahoru. The fluffy softness like marshmallows, moist and soft touch like fine skin, trombone with internal concavo-convex structure entangled neatly, preeminent compatibility with love lotion.

Please enjoy the exquisite soft skin feeling from Fuwa Toro system and not Juru system!

Product Features

  • Made from New Pure Soft material
  • Soft, Flurry and Stretchy
  • Closed-Ended 
  • Reusable


Measurements: 130 × 70 × 70 mm
Weight: 270 g
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