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Goku Hida Virgin

Thick and sumptuous, Hida is a virgin ready to lose her flowering bud to you alone. Using G Projects own Grow Up Skin, this top-quality Japanese silicone is designed to conform snugly to your own skin to give you that tight virginal breeching sensation time and time again!

Product Features 

  • Anime Onahole
  • Extremely wrinkled virgin soft legs high stimulation
  • 6 wavy elastic flanks
  • Simulate the true touch of human skin
  • 1 pack of lubricating fluid (only enough for 1 use)
  • 1 storage bag included
  • Closed End 
  • Body-Safe Material 
  • Made in Japan


Material: TPR

Dimensions: 130 x 65 x 60mm

Weight: 300g

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