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Komachi Onahole

The body of "KOMACHI-" is so fluffy that your fingers are buried when you press it. It is so flexible that even if you try to hold it upright, it will fall down. Although it has a unique odor, it is not noticeable unless the nose is brought close to it, and there is no stickiness. Since the oil content is a little worrisome, we recommend using powder such as "Ag + AG Plus Hole Powder" for maintenance. The inner structure has large folds and protrusions with warts until the second half. The road narrows in the middle, and from the second half to the back there is a space of random protrusions that are like finely carved walls. There are also large irregularities, but the feel of hitting the penis is not so strong, so you can enjoy it as a light accent.

「KOMACHI -こまち-」のボディは押すと指が埋まってしまうほどにふわふわ。 本体を立てて持とうとしてもグニャっと倒れてしまうぐらい柔軟です。
油分がやや気になりますので「Ag+ エージープラス ホールパウダー」 などパウダーでのメンテナンスをオススメします。
内部構造は後半までは大きめのヒダとイボ付きの突起。 中盤で道は狭まり、後半から奥にかけては細かく壁を刻んだようなランダム突起の空間があります。 大きな凹凸もありますがペニスに当たる感触はさほど強くはないので、軽いアクセントとしてお楽しみいただけるでしょう。

Product Features

  • Super Soft, Fluffy and Meaty
  • Flexible and Stretchy
  • Stretch to Accommodate Any Size
  • Closed-End
  • Reusable
  • Waterproof


Material: TPE

Dimensions: 135 x 70 mm 

Weight: 320g

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