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Kunimura Ryouka

This Onahole is part of a series of onaholes unofficially inspired by the light novels Oreimo and Nakaimo. Rock your moe imouto pussy fantasies with this stimulating toy.

Shaped to emulate the tempting sujiman ("camel toe") bulge of the smooth outer labia of a young virgin, this soft, durable onahole is a tight fit that will encase you in a sheath of pleasure-inducing ripples and twists. Fans of young imouto girls will will be able to sate their desires with this well-crafted onahole made of stretchable material. 

Product Features

  • Soft & Stretchy
  • Reusable
  • Closed Ended


Material: TPE

Length: 5.3"

Width: 2.4"

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