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Magic Eyes

Magic Eyes - Kupaa 5th Zori Zori Resemblance - Hard Trip Texture

Hard Version of the popular Kupa Trip Pocket Pussy.

Experience the delightfully tight pussy of a steampunk girl with the Kupa Trip Zori Zori Hard Onahole is the hard version of the original Kupa Trip, giving it a more solid feel and providing a firmer experience. The exterior of this onahole is clear allowing you to see inside, and features a unique gear system engraving that really fits the theme. The inner love tunnel is made from a dark red material that is visible from the outside and lays hidden behind a large soft chamber at the front providing a unique penetration sensation. The snug tube gets tighter as you push inside and consists of a series of ring-like textures that feel amazing as they work your shaft. The box also features some great artwork in the typical Magic Eyes style with a sexy steam-punk girl sitting spread eagle and exposing her inviting pussy. The Kupa Trip Zori Zori Hard Onahole is made with Magic Eyes' superb "Magic Eyes Skin" material ensuring it is safe and durable, as well as highly pleasurable.

Product Features

  • Hentai Steam-Punk Theme Male Masturbator
  • Hard Type
  • Dual-layer Design
  • Reusable


Material: Made from Magic Eyes Premium "Magic Eyes Skin" Materials

Dimensions: 150 × 67 × 135 mm

Weight: 340g

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